SVFX comprises of a team of experts striving to help people to trade in forex market.

Our main objective is to protect our clients from losses which a lot of dealers bear after tracking some financial website that lure them with high profits, which actually makes them a prey to bear financial losses.

Majority of the people trade in forex for their additional income, but not primary basis. The reason for this is the high risk of involved.

​SVFX helps small dealers who lack experience to chose their right positions and also to create the right platform which provides signals to the already exiting & new dealers.


To become a global giant in the Forex market which talented & skillful traders having control over the global financial market.

To change the overview & mindset of people towards forex trading.


To share our researched & tested knowledge & practical experience to improvise on the trading skills of our followers.
To teach traders essentials of effective money management & the formula for consistent profits.

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